Why To Choose Us?


Responsibility & Devotion

Selecting CCRHC as an agency is choosing a provider committed to providing the highest possible support and services. CCRHC is very skilled in working with individuals who experience severe and interruptive behaviors.

Best Professionals

We understand individuals who have experienced trauma, failed placements, and hospitalizations. While attempting to find an appropriate environment and support, all of our programs are customized around each individual's specific and unique needs.

Founding Principles

"We are dedicated to facilitating the achievement of life goals for intellectually and developmentally challenged individuals by supporting and assisting them in finding opportunities to live a meaningful life in their chosen community." -John H. Weston Jr. CEO

Capitol City Residential Healthcare was founded with the principal of providing quality services for the IDD population.  For more information about our services, to schedule an interview, or a career opportunity, contact our team 901-821-7437 or log on to www.cctenn.com.

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Complete HealthCare Solution

Supported Living

This residential service provides what is needed to help an individual learn, keep or improve skills necessary to live in a home    

Personal Assistance

CCRHC offers a variety of services through (vs by) the Tennessee Medicaid Waiver Program. Advocacy Positive Behavior Supports Mentoring Education and Training    

Safety and Protection

CCRHC provides support based on an individual's hopes, dreams, and preferences. Individuals are afforded privacy and are treated with dignity and respect.